Newsletter 5 April 2017


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5 April 2017



 An Easter Prayer for the World

Let the rain come and wash away the ancient grudges,

the bitter hatreds held and nurtured over generations.

Let the rain wash away the memory of the hurt, the neglect.

Let the sun come out and fill the sky with rainbows.

Let the warmth of the sun heal us wherever we are broken.

LentDear Parents/Guardians


 Easter Joy of the Christian
Easter is the time to celebrate new beginnings. Easter commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and is the most significant Christian celebration. It is the time that is at the heart of Christianity. Good Friday recalls the death of Jesus on a cross and then being laid in a tomb. When his closest friends went to the tomb very early on the Sunday morning they encountered the unexpected and the news that Jesus was not there. Jesus had been raised from the dead.
Christians believe that Jesus was without sin and an innocent man sentenced to death on the cross. God in raising him from the dead showed all that Jesus had victory over death. God enables life, reconciles differences and upholds justice.

North Beach Easter Mass Times
Palm Sunday 9th April Masses: 7.30am, 9.30am & 5.30pm
Monday 10th April Masses: 6.45am & 9.00am
Tuesday 11th April Masses: 6.45am & 9.00am
Wednesday 12th April Masses: 6.45am & 9.00am
Holy Thursday 13th April 8.00pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper
9.00pm Holy Hour Will you not watch one hour with me?
Good Friday 14th April 10.00am The Celebration of the Passion of the Lord
3.00pm The Celebration of the Passion of the Lord
7.30pm Stations of the Cross
Holy Saturday 15th April 8.00am The Office of Readings and Morning Prayer
6.00pm Easter Vigil Mass
Easter Sunday 16th April Masses: 7.30am, 9.30am & 5.30pm


First term finishes this Friday at 3.00pm. Monday 24 April the school will use its 'Catholic Day' pupil free day. Tuesday 25 April is Anzac Day. Wednesday 26 April Term Two will commence for both staff and students.
Travel safely. Rejoice in the Risen Lord. Attend mass with your children. Relax and enjoy.


Digital communication is a marvellous thing. It enables us to be in touch with others, whether they live close by or on the other side of the world, at all times of the day or night and it is cheap.

It facilitates 'mass' communication by allowing us to send a message to the whole school community as easily as to just one person.

Tiqbiz certainly has the power to bring our school community members closer and in doing so to build on the wonderful sense of community OLG is already known for. I congratulate the P and F and especially Kane Bullen and Linda D'Vaz for the work they have been and continue to do in honing this tool to serve our purposes even better.


School Attendance
As a staff we are committed to using all the teaching/learning time available to us to best advantage. It was not long ago that our system had to adjust school timetables to make up for the teaching/learning time that was not being delivered due to the School Development days Catholic schools have at the end of each year.

The Education Act sets out the minimum number of hours of instruction that a school must deliver each year and in turn, that a student is required to be present for (unless they are ill). Because we believe that there is a direct correlation between the time a child spends learning and the amount of learning a child does, we work right up to the end of each day and week - including the last week of each term.

You would all have observed how sponge-like a baby is in its quest to understand the world around it. A child's learning commences before birth but explodes in the first three years of life. The following five years or so are crucial to establishing and consolidating basic academic knowledge but just as importantly attitudes and beliefs that will guide the child through life.
The person who wrote "I learned everything I needed to know in Kindergarten" was not far off.

I believe our essential formation is done in those years before school begins and in the home/family.

Primary school builds on this and most would agree that, for most children, the foundation that they build during those years is the base that the rest comes from. We celebrate individual difference and do our best to cater to a wide range of learning styles, capabilities and needs. Our simple goal is to support parents and their children in the development of those children: spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically. It is a challenging assignment but one we revel in.

Please take it as seriously as we do by ensuring your children never miss a minute of school that is not due to health reasons. Getting a head start on the traffic does not count.


Health Alerts

From time to time we issue alerts to the parents of particular class groups in which a child has been diagnosed with an infectious or contagious disease. Just as often, the diagnosis is only confirmed after the child in question has recovered from the illness.

These alerts are issued as a courtesy and because we care for the welfare of all our students. We follow Health Department advice on exclusion periods and in the content of those alerts.

Katie Tindall Leaves OLG Board
Katy Tindall Board member

In 2013 Mrs Katie Tindall joined the School Board just as the school was involved in initial planning for the move to adding a third stream and  what a blessing she turned out to be. Katie, along with Warren Salamone, brought to the Board considerable experience and expertise in the field of strategic planning - just when we needed it most. Over the next four years they not only lead the development of our Plan but through their persistence and determination ensured that the Plan was kept current and central to the work of the Board.

On behalf of the OLG school community I sincerely thank them both for the many hours they spent participating in meetings and the many more hours they spent preparing for those meetings.

Katie Tindall has left a lasting legacy from her time on our School Board and I was pleased to be able to present her with a small token of our appreciation at last week's assembly. I also sincerely thank the families of our Board members who support/put up with, their involvement in the school at this level.
Our loss of Katie has been Sacred Heart's gain as she is now a member of their Board.
God bless

Chris Kenworthy




Merit AwardCongratulations to the students who received Merit Awards at last week's assembly.

PPB  Lenny Pearce, Kobe Klumpp
PPG Sofia Lett, Lucas Retamal
1G Angelina Trichilo, Skye Stinson, Zac Noble
2G Morgan Buck, Finlay Comerford
3B Oliver Budas, Antonio Trichilo, Mia Lloyd
3G Dylan Begley, Dion Calcei
4B Mya Poat, Oscar Westenhaver
4G Stella Woods, Sarah Halleen, Olivia Paccanaro
4W Eliza Caputi, Mraz Yates
5B   Georgia Henley, Maggie Comerford
5G Brady Lamont, Lucy McCallum 
6B Daniel Vladich, Ashton Bryant
6G Anika MacNaughton, Maya O'Leary, Kynan Gallen




 Important Dates

Wednesday 5 April

School Mass 2B

Three Way Interviews PP - Yr6 3pm - 6.30pm

Friday 7 April

Stations of the Cross 6B - 2pm

Last day of Term 1

Monday 24 April Pupil Free Day - Catholic Day
Tuesday 25 April ANZAC Day
Wednesday 26 April Students commence Term 2


 Term 2 Calendar - click here

2017 Sacramental Programme - click here



canteen April 2017

 The School Canteen operates daily for Pre-primary to Year Six children. Morning tea and lunch is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and open for after lunch sales selling ice creams, popcorn and veggie chips on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Low fat and low salt products are used where possible, if a child has a special dietary requirement, parents are asked to contact the canteen manager. The school has an allergy friendly policy. The canteen offers different daily specials Monday, Wednesday and Fridays so ensure you look at the menu.

For recess children can choose from cheese to iced buns, choc muffins to smoothies, fresh fruit, apple slinkies, hot chocolate, pikelets or banana bread.

The Lunch menu includes sandwiches, rolls, toasties and wraps. With daily specials including:- pizza , nachos , chicken schnitzel, spaghetti bolognaise, vegetarian fried rice, potato pie. Sushi, meat pie, sausage roll, Aussie pals, hamburger, party pie, chicken nuggets and fish burgers.
Children must place manual lunch orders in the classroom lunch boxes prior to 9am. The Menu of the day changes daily, so ensure you check the menu.

All items can be pre-ordered at our online canteen. Please give it a try!

Canteen Managers
Our canteen managers are Pip Kent and Peta Taylor pictured here with retiring canteen manager Robin Armstrong.

The canteen relies heavily on parent volunteers. We welcome new faces and welcome back previous helpers, mums, dads and grandparents. Friends who would love to come and help out are always welcome. The look on your child’s face when they see you there makes it all worthwhile. If you can spare anything from one hour to few hours please complete the form on the website, or leave your details at the front office.


Mon 24 Apr Pupil Free Day
Tue 25 Apr Anzac Day - Public Holiday
Wed 26 Apr Michie O'Leary, Susan Haydon
Thu 27 Apr Christine Giuffre, Stacey Myles
Fri 28 Apr Susan Wake, Irene May, Claire Hamilton

Please contact Peta Taylor on 0419 260832 if you can help out with volunteering.


To access our online order system please visit Instructions for signing up are on the website or you can contact the Support line on 1300 116 637 for assistance.


Any queries regarding all other canteen issues please contact Pip Kent on 0439 091300.



 New Canteen Menu - click here

Term 2 Canteen Roster - click here


 Library roster for Term 2 was sent out via Tiqbiz yesterday. If you require a hard copy please see Trish in the Library.



  cakeCake Stall:  Thank you to all those that supported the Year 4 cake stall last Friday. A total of $245 was raised for the Year 4 classes.


Uniform Shop

Students commence Term 2 in Winter Uniform. Please ensure you have all items before end of term as the Uniform Shop will not open again until Friday 28th April at 8.15am.

If you have received notification that your uniform order is ready for collection please do so at your earliest convenience. 


Rhyme Time

rhyme time april 2017

Our Lady of Grace is seeking expressions of interest from those of you who have children 0 to 3 yrs of age.

We have begun Rhyme time, a program that uses children's sensory skills, to explore and develop literacy understandings in a fun and energetic way.

This runs fortnightly for an hour on a Friday morning after assembly in our Pre Kindy

If you think you may be interested please let Vicki in the office know.



Environmental Ministry

Currently there is a lot of wastage at OLG. Click on the link to find out what we intend to do about it. 

Food wastage at OLG - click here



Discovery Kids - Vacation Care - April 2017 - click here


Parish News     

 A Service of Prayer & Song in the style of Taize –

Short chants repeated give a meditative character,
Candle light, prayer and silence in the presence of the cross.
Thursday 6th April 7.30pm - 8.30pm
5th week of Lent
Please join us in prayer.Taize prayer photo

Our Lady of Grace Church
3 Kitchener St. North Beach
Contact 9448 4888 or Joan 9448 4457



  P & F News


P&F Sausage Sizzle: Yesterday the P&F held a Sausage Sizzle which was a great success. We had 399 orders. A big Thank you to the very efficient organisers Faye Pafumi and Helen Smelter and to all the parent helpers who came in and helped out. You all did a fantastic job which was very much appreciated by the students and staff.


All cards have been sent out over the past week, if you do not have a card please let me know and I will get one to you before the end of term. Please use the next couple of weeks to collect as many sponsors as possible. All funds raised go back into the school to purchase valuable equipment for our children. We are calling for volunteers to help on the day, if you can help please put your name down on the sheet in the office. Duties will involve stamping the cards as the children pass the checkpoint. You will need to be at the oval at approx. 1.15pm on Friday 28th April. Any questions please contact Carolyn Halleen on 0413591810 or

Easter Egg Hampers
This week is your last chance to get your Easter egg/gift bag donation in. Please leave in the office for collection. This Thursday is the last day to bring them in.
It is a wonderful chance for us to help those who might be alone or not able to afford Easter. Each year the school community gives Easter Egg hampers to those in need. We join with Saint Vincent De Paul to give out hampers to families, couples, refugees, elderly in our community.
Anyone who is free to help put them all together please contact me on we will do this on Thursday 6 April 2017, in the morning after assembly in the MPA, your donations and help is very much appreciated. Carolyn Halleen


Buddy System letter - click here


 OLG Run for Fun commences Term 2

“OLG Run for Fun” is a free running club where kids of all ages and fitness levels can come together before school to run and exercise in a positive and supportive environment. Parents and grandparents are also welcome to come along for fitness and quality time with their children.

We all know running is a great way to get fit, but it offers so much more. Kids who exercise in the morning are generally more engaged and focussed during lesson time. Running clubs enable kids to build friendships and have fun. Running builds healthy hearts and minds and brings joy to children.

The Running Club is run by volunteer parents each Tuesday and Thursday morning during school terms and will commence on Tuesday 2nd May 2017. It will include some warm up activities and games and there will be a couple of running courses, of different lengths, around Charles Riley Reserve to suit different ages and fitness levels. There will be no free breakfast or awards - it’s just for participation and fun.

As the Running Club is run by parents, students in Year 3 or below must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to ensure adequate supervision. A permission slip will need to be completed before your child can participate. Permission slips will be available for signing at the first session your child chooses to attend.

Days:         Every Tuesday and Thursday morning (starting 2nd May 2017)
Start time: 7.40am to 8.15am (volunteer parents will then walk kids to school)
Where:       Meet at the south east corner of the football clubrooms at Charles Riley Reserve
What to bring: Drink bottle, sneakers and energy. Eat breakfast at home first or bring something to eat at school after the run.
Cost:          Free
More Info:  Contact Damian Hicks on 0419 930087 or email
Volunteers: Bendotti, Nelson, Curtis and Hicks families. More parent volunteers required, please contact Damian if you would like to be involved.

The body achieves what the mind believes.

This FREE parent run club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 8am in the undercover area.

Newspaper article which outlines the benefits and success of similar programs around the area - click here


Positions Vacant: Quiz Night helpers

We require assistance collecting auction and items for the Quiz Night Fundraiser. Also general help setting up and assisting on the night.

Please contact Diana Guttridge 0415 096740 if you are able to help.



Mothers Day Morning Tea 


 Netball News

   Netball Holiday Clinic - click here


 Basketball News

OLG Basketball Teams Winter Season 2017

Following are our teams for the winter season at Warwick Stadium.

Player Uniforms:
MPA Lunchtime first day of Term 2 for uniforms issue or if for resizing (pls bring old uniform)


OLG Basketball Club Committee:
Trish Humphreys - President 0418884000
Beck Williams - Secretary and Coach Coordinator
Amber Nelson - Treasurer
Adele Swan - Uniform Coordinator
Rhonda McNaughton - Equipment Coordinator
Alanagh Godderidge
Vacancy – Sponsor Coordinator (if anyone is interested in this role, please contact Trish)


Basketball Teams - click here




Community Notices

KoKum DesignsFirst Holy Communion Dresses.
Unique designs, quality fabrics and workmanship.
Buy or Hire.
Call Kylie on 0412 299 147

 Behaviour Tonics Courses - click here


Department of Health Child & Adolescent Services - Free Parent Seminars - click here


We look forward to welcoming back our Sacred Heart College Sorrento Alumni celebrating special anniversaries this year. To make sure you don't miss out on all the details of the events, please register on our Alumni website Any queries, please contact We can't wait to see you again!




Sacred Heart Reunions 2017




Autism West - An evening with best-selling author Kathy Lette to Fundraise for Autism West

This will be a fun and informative night, with Kathy talking about her new book, Best Laid Plans, as well as answering questions and signing copies. There will be also be a guest speaker (someone on the autism spectrum), as well as light refreshments. We’d love to see you and your members there!

Event details
When:      9 May 2017, 6.30pm onwards
Where:     Tannock Hall of Education, University of Notre Dame, 44 Croke Street, Fremantle, WA 6160
Price:       Autism West Members – $55, Non-members – $60
Ticket Website:
Contact Details: For additional information contact Autism West at or 08 9383 6123

 Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia has an extensive range of short courses which serve as ‘tasters’ to our longer courses but also serve as a stand-alone opportunity to learn new skills and strategies to help support you in your parenting role.

The attached flier outlines parenting courses available in our West Leederville, Joondalup and Fremantle Branches for the month of April 2017.

Parenting Courses - click here


STUDY SKILLS Seminars in the April School holidays at ECU – Mt Lawley Campus. For more information - click here


Hillarys Yacht Club School Holiday Programs

Junior Fishing Clinic 9-16 year olds - click here

Start Sailing Flyer - click here

Fishing Clinic Tackers and Start Sailing - click here




If you love your footy and are interested in joining an all-girls competition, we have good news for you!
We are taking expressions of interest to join a Junior Girls team in 2017.

There will be two separate competitions, both played consecutively on a Friday night:
Year 4 – Year 6 Competition
Year 7 – Year 9 CompetitionDockers Womens Team
For more information, contact your local club 

Contact: Sascha Low
Mobile: 0411 263 202

NorthBeach Soccer ClubAttention all future Socceroos and Matildas!
Have fun learning to play soccer. North Beach Soccer Club is looking for boys and girls across a range of age groups. Age groups start from boys and girls turning 6 in 2017. Depending on the age group, there are mixed teams as well as girls’ and boys’ competitions.

For more information, email



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