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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wishing all families of O.L.G a safe, merry and Holy Christmas.  May the New Year be a time to refresh and energise yourselves ready for the 2015 school year.  May God Bless You. 

Chess Mania

Chess is alive and well at Our Lady of Grace School.

Earlier this month, a team of Year Five boys headed to Warwick Community Centre to challenge 16 teams from eight different schools. Our boys won most of their games, however, they met their match with the Trinity boys.  The medals were awarded and the boys were ecstatic to be Runner Up Champions.  

The next event that the boys competed in was at St Paul's Catholic Primary School, Mt Lawley. St Thomas', St Paul's and O.L.G. competed in the competition.  There was a lot of pressure applied throughout the games.  Everyone had to concentrate. They had to be one step ahead of their opponent.  Strategy was the key.  Thankfully, this intense brain power paid off because they were champions of the day.  A letter was sent to the school regarding their great sportmanship.  Congratulations, boys.

Last week, the boys challenged their teachers to lunch time games. The team was unsuccessful, however, they enjoyed the challenge and are determined to beat them next time. 

The next competition was at Newman College.  The teams drew on this occasion.  

Today, the boys face Newman College and St Pauls in the O.L.G. library.  This is an exciting event as it is the first one at our school for the year.  Good luck, boys. 

Chess boards have kindly been donated to the school by the Mack family so now most classrooms have their own chess set. Thank you for this kind donation. 


T.O.M Fundraiser


In October, the Maths Engineering members returned from Melbourne as silver medallists in the 2014 Tournament of Minds Australasian Pacific National Final.  What a great honour and fantastic accomplishment for all those involved.    Last week, the team members, and the library staff, organised a book fair and dress up day to raise funds for their recent interstate trip.   The proceeds will subsidise the costs associated with travelling to Melbourne.  They would also like to thank the school community for supporting the events.

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OLG Is proud to present: Maggie Dent


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