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60th Anniversary Celebrations

The school is buzzing this week as we celebrate our 60th Anniversary.  

The start of the week saw the junior school show off their dancing skills in a concert for their parents.

On Wednesday, many distinguished guests were invited to join all past and present staff, students, parents and members of the parish and community, to celebrate a thanksgiving mass.  Year 2G were leading the mass.  The students read beautifully and the school choir and liturgical dancers also made the mass extra special.  Fr Richard left us wondering what what the school will be like in the future and at the time of our centary celebrations.  The children enjoyed discussing this on their return to their classrooms.  

Today the students from Year 5 and 6 participate in a Swampathon with the Year 7 and 8 students from Sacred Heart College, Sorrento.  Children can run, jog or walk Star Swamp.

On Friday 26th September, the M.P.A. will be packed to the rafters for an assembly to be remembered.  A morning tea will follow and the community will be invited to classrooms to view work and see the students working industriously and engaged in their learning.

What a wonderful time to be part of an incredible school! 

Current Events

OLG Is proud to present: Maggie Dent

Life is Hard at the Top

We create state champions here at O.L.G.  'Shout it to the rooftops' that our Maths Engineering Team won the state final for Tournament of Minds last Sunday.  The team now prepares for the Australasian Pacific finals in October.  This is the third win for Mr Kenworthy and a second win for three members of the team.  Congratulations, champs. 

Year Six Assembly

Did Smithy save Australia?  Was Australia deleted for the Spacetime Continuum?

It was a fabulous end to OLG assemblies for our Year Sixes as they performed for the school last Friday.  They entertained us and they educated us.  They really ended their class assembly journey on an absolute high.  There was a lot of incredible feedback from the audience.  Mr Kenworthy enjoyed the play for its acting and dance numbers but he was most impressed with the knowledge delivered by the students in regards to the history of Australia in the 20th Century.  Well done, Year Sixes.

If you were wondering (or actullay missed this performance) Smithy did prove that Australia was worthy to stay in the Spacetime Continuum.  Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

T.O.M State Final

Best wishes to Mr Kenworthy and his Maths Engineering Team as they compete in the State Final this weekend.  After several successful lock down challenges over the past fortnight, they are ready to give it all they've got.  The school community is proud of you all.  Good luck team. 

Year 4B Procedures

Over the last couple of weeks, the Year 4B class has been writing and creating procedures.  We have then showed and presented them in class.  We have had a very large variety of topics, from making fruit kebabs and milkshakes to folding origami cranes.  It has been very interesting and, more than often, delicious.  We have all had a great time and learnt a lot about procedural writing.  Look out for our pictures in the 'Gallery' next week. 

Irish Dancing Finalists

Sisters, Lucy (Year 6) and Heather (Year 5), are on their way to the Irish Dancing National Championships to be held in Canberra in October.  The girls have been dancing for eight years and this is their third national competition.  They will perform two dances. They have also qualified for the Irish Dancing World Championships in April, 2015.   We are super proud of you both.  Good luck, girls. 


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