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Swimming Faction Carnival

Yesterday we visited Claremont Pool for our annual swimming carnival.  All OLG students got to cool down from the sweltering heat and show off their skills in the pool.  There are not many days on the school calendar where the students assemble in their teams and compete for a shield.

The day started out strangely for some of our Year Sixes as a replacement bus was needed to get them to the pool.

Students swam backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.  All students participated in fun relay events.  

The new faction leaders displayed very clearly why they were elected.  They were so busy organising the competitors for their races.  It was wonderful to witness their words of encouragement for the younger students.  

The champions were announced and this year the shield was awarded to our red faction.  Go Grevillea!

OLG Worm Farm

It's all about worms in 1G. Our hands were instantly dirty when we discovered the OLG Worm Farm. Did you know that worms produce worm tea? Worm tea actually helps your veggies grow.  We laughed quite hard when we found out worm tea was actually the worms' wee. Yikes! 


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