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The Year One Choir

On Monday the two Year One classes excelled at the Performing Arts Festival. The choir sang 'When I Grow Up' and 'Naughty' from the musical Matilda. They presented themselves in a way that commanded the stage and was a credit to Tim Minchin's music. Their diction, tonality and artistic expression was superb. They articulated and expressed the music in such an empathetic, vibrant way. 


Discovery Kids - Before and Afer School Care

Discovery Kids is a before and after school child care service that will be offered to Our Lady of Grace families. The organisation will be unique in such a way that it is owned and run by qualified, experienced teachers and child care workers. Throughout the service we will aim to enhance learning and social interaction. The programme will run 6.30am-8.30 every school morning and 2.45pm- 6.30pm every day after school in the convent (located on the school grounds). 


Visit to Parliament House

The Year Sixes enjoyed last week's visit to Parliament House.  Here are some reviews:

Heather - Parliament House was an excursion I'll never forget.  Members the Legislative Council actually knew my family, as some of my relatives have been involved in politics. I received a special welcome.

Julian L - The excursion was a foreign experience so I enjoyed it immensely.  I loved it when Michael took us on a tour around Parliament House. 

Alex H- Parliament House is a place everyone should visit. The public need to take their time to explore it fully. 


Reading Recovery

The term has started well for all the Reading Recovery students.  They have all maintained their gains over the holidays and are making new connections.  The current reading strategy that is the focus is chunking (finding smaller parts of larger words in order to decode).  We couldn't be more proud of the effort being exerted.  Keep it up, readers.


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